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Writing Workshop with Zimbabwe’s High School Students

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In July, I was privileged to talk to amazing students at St. John’s High school. This fulfills my desire to inspire, to challenge young writers to take charge of their stories and to accept who they are and to share their experiences with each other and the world.  As I spoke to them I recalled being that age and also cultivating my writing with the encouragement of friends.

I also shared with them my testimony, how I fell in love with Jesus at 12, and how along the way God placed people to guide me in my faith.  The best part for me was to share how finally my writing also became Christ centered due to what I consider a supernatural event that I call, ‘my turning point’.  I had to tell them that it was impossible for me to separate who I am as a child of God and my writing. My prayer is that this showed them my heart and what God is doing working on in  my life and how He can also impact their lives.

After sharing to the students, I gave them an opportunity to write and that is when the excitement began. What surprised me was their willingness to share their personal stories with such a large audience of their peers, and how there are so many practicing writers already.  I am excited to continue to work and guide many of the young writers of Zimbabwe.

Young writers

Young writers