For Miriam, the love of story telling came at a young age. She remembers her grandmother Theresa,   sitting on a rukukwe and telling her and her siblings stories that began with “Paivepo,” which means Once Upon a Time. Her desire to construct a make believe world grew as she spent hours creating elaborate stories with her brother Michael at the age of eight. Next came the hours spent drawing and writing comic books. In High School Miriam wrote many stories and novels long hand in school exercise books and she enjoyed sharing these only with close friends. She had her first short story published in Drum Magazine in South Africa when she was in College. She also wrote for many magazines including Parade, Mahogany Magazine in Zimbabwe and Jive in the USA before writing her first novel. Her first published novel, Show Me The Sun released in 2010 is available in bookstores around the world Her second novel, That Which Has Horns was also released in 2010. Miriam Shumba was nominated for the Emma Awards as a debut author of the year in 2011.