My Turning Point …

A few years ago, I went to one of my favorite places, the local library. I was looking for a book by the usual authors that I read and I found myself walking in the “R and S” section. I rarely just pick a book without knowing the author. My eyes were drawn to a book with a blue cover and the spine had a picture of a baby. The title was “Atonement Child” I pulled that book off the shelf and when I began reading it I was amazed and delighted that it was actually a Christian novel by a Christian author.

It was about a character that loved Jesus, lived her life to please him and made choices in life that lined up with the Bible. The protagonist was raped and many people wanted her to abort the baby but she wouldn’t do it because of her beliefs. Reading that book felt like opening a present.  I never knew that it was possible to find, read or even write Christian fiction. That day God opened my eyes to something that changed the focus of my writing and reading material. After being thoroughly engrossed and challenged by that book, I began to look for more. I had always read a variety of fiction novels since I was little reading Enid Blyton and the Nancy Drew Series. I continued to read whatever fiction I could find but I didn’t know that I could get more from a book than a chance to escape to other worlds or enjoyment.  Since I found Atonement Child   I began to search for many other Christian fiction novels.

I wanted novels that would challenge me to look at my life and even bring some Biblical principles to clarity. However, faith-based novels entertained me and showed me how special and joyous it can be to live life with obedience to God. It’s impossible to remain the same after reading a book from an anointed author. They inspired me and I could feel God speaking to me through these writers. Their writing was of a high standard but with spiritual significance. I was born again when I was about twelve and have always wanted to follow Christ from that time on, though I haven’t done it perfectly. I remember that my transformation occurred at a Christian camp and the feeling of God’s love and peace was so powerful and beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.  The power of his forgiveness was real I could almost touch it.  After I left camp, I didn’t have many resources to keep me on track but I’ll never forget one of the senior students at my high school – Peterhouse, in Zimbabwe. She would hold bible study sessions at 6 am and I remember waking up early with several other girls and gathering in her room to listen to songs or listen to her read the bible. She would also read to us the story of Nicky Cruz, Run Baby Run an incredible story about a gang member who became born again.

Thinking back I am grateful for her, for the books and the music she shared with us. My Christian walk has been dotted with such people, similar books, that God has put in my path to show me the way, the light, the love of Jesus.  I feel now that my calling is to reach other Christians and non Christians through my writing. Someone who is looking for direction may pick up a book and by reading get a glimpse and an understanding of Jesus Christ. Just the way many different books have touched me. My desire is to grow closer to God and I know as I write books that have Christ at the center of my characters I get to read the Bible more and I try and understand what God wants us to hear from His word.  I am not yet satisfied with my growth as a Christian and have prayed that as I write I will grow stronger, that God will speak through me and show me the direction to go. I enjoy writing but since finding that book in the library my writing is now more about worshipping God and letting Him direct, guide and get all the glory.