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CHASING Book Tour and Lessons LEARNED

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Book Tour kick off, Tampa Florida

As I begin The CHASING book tour, I am so excited to meet readers around the world. I find that from each person I have an interaction with, I learn something powerful, even if it is a simple thing. Simple things have been known to change lives.

In Tampa, I met someone I consider an angel, because I was in the midst of a medical trouble and was being pressured to have procedures done, but this man happened to be a surgeon, who at that very moment was reading a book on that very issue I was having.  Coincidence? I say not.  From that moment I believed that if I opened my eyes, then God would speak to me through all my interactions and my job was to listen and obey.

I met another young woman whose adoption story brought tears to my eyes and I knew that I had to encourage her to write a book to inspire all of us, to take that bold step to change someone’s life through adoption.

Tampa was a great place to start my tour and I am blessed by each interaction and always, I am on the look out for ways I can grow and bless others. My writing is all about people after all, and I do love to meet you all.


Chasing Book Tour, Tampa

Chasing Book Tour, Tampa

signing and zoo Tampa

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