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CHASING launch event

CHASING launch event

I am excited to be launching my third novel, ‘Chasing’ on 8/8/15.  Fashion TV will be doing interviews on the red carpet so I am eager to see the best of Dallas Fashion that day. I don’t believe you have to go to the store to buy a brand new outfit. I imagine, it’s exciting to be able to go to your closet and put your best pieces together. I rarely buy new dresses for special occasions, including weddings (my aunt once gave me this advice) and feel that it’s just as fun to get something old and restyle it using different accessories. However, this time I may enjoy hunting for a cool new outfit in the color that I love, at the price that is way within my budget. I think my creative side is not just relegated to writing, but I do enjoy showing my creativity in photography, art, fashion and rarely cooking lol.


It will be wonderful  spend time with family, friends and all the new people who will come to the event.  I plan to show the official trailer for the first time that evening. I will also share my very first interview before it goes live.

The Loft Restaurant

The Loft Restaurant

nylo-las-colinas-the-loft-library-entertainment the loft 2

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